You can build a brighter future for Palestinian students in Nazareth

If you are reading this, chances are you care deeply about Palestinian families and children living in the Holy Land. You’re concerned about Palestinian young people’s future. You want them to be prepared for the challenges they will face growing up in a politically complex and volatile region. You want them to have the confidence and skills to be leaders for peace and equality. 

You now have an exciting opportunity to help the Palestinian students at Christ School in Nazareth. Please take a moment to learn about the new media and communications program the school hopes to launch in the fall of 2018. And please consider making a gift to this vital program for young people who deserve our support.

Samuel Barhoum, the Director of Christ School in Nazareth, describes how you can support the students at his school. 

"In order for Christ School to prepare our students for the future, we need to expand our current Media and Communications program. The program will build high school students’ communication skills and train them in using a range of digital media tools – video, social media, graphic design, photography and animation. 

"The program will help graduating students find jobs out of high school, allowing them to help pay for their higher education, which is a heavy financial burden for their families in our difficult economic situation.

"The students of Christ School need your help to develop their communication skills and become strong advocates for peace, equality and opportunity for every young person in Palestine/Israel. These young people need your help so they can make their voices heard."

You can help Christ School develop the next generation of Palestinian leaders in Israel. With your support, Christ School will create a new media and communications program that gives students hands-on training and real-world experience with state-of-the-art computers, production equipment and digital media tools. Your generosity will give young people communication skills to be powerful advocates for their community. Your gift prepares young Palestinians in Israel for good jobs and productive futures.

 The American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem is sponsoring this campaign. We are a non-political U.S. non-profit. Our mission is to raise funds for the Diocese of Jerusalem's humanitarian institutions - schools, hospitals and institutes for people with disabilities in Jordan Palestine, Israel, Lebanon and Syria.  Please give generously. Your gift, in any amount, makes a difference


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